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Welcome to the 'Changing Brain' research group's website!

Our group aims to enhance the interpretability of brain imaging measures, thereby advancing neuroscience knowledge, particularly in clinical, developmental, and educational contexts. We employ a range of techniques, including MEG, EEG, fMRI, and physiological recordings, to investigate phenomena within the central and autonomic nervous systems that contribute to individual experience and cognitive performance. Our focus lies particularly in examining changes in the brain, both in the short and long term. We seek to understand the mechanisms and trajectories of child brain development: how society becomes wired into our brains. Additionally, we investigate how interactions between the body and brain systems – both generally and during short- and long-term exercise – influence the brain, performance, and individual experience. Ultimately, our research contributes to a deeper understanding of neuroscience, particularly concerning individual and developmental variation.

Principal Investigator


PhD candidates

Krista Lehtomäki

Nooa Kivikangas


Dr. Pessi Lyyra

Juha Leukkunen

Dr. Ilona Ruotsalainen

Dr. Doris Hernandez Barros

Dr. Sam van Bijnen

Dr. Lili Tian

Erkka Heinilä

Tuomas Puoliväli

Ole Hausendorf

Casper Olaf Smulders

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