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Suvi Karjalainen

Doctoral researcher


Research interests:

Body-brain interaction

Neurodevelopmental conditions



A Bit About Me

I am a doctoral researcher and a psychologist investigating body-brain interaction from the perspectives of cognition, mental health and neurodiversity. Currently, I investigate how bodily functions (e.g. respiration and heart rate variability) modulate neural activity.

Selected publications

Karjalainen, S., Aro, T., & Parviainen, T. (2023). Coactivation of Autonomic and Central Nervous Systems During Processing of Socially Relevant Information in Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review. Neuropsychology Review, 1-18. 


Silvennoinen, M., Parviainen, T., Malinen, A., Karjalainen, S., Manu, M., & Vesisenaho, M. (2022). Combining physiological and experiential measures to study the adult learning experience. In Methods for Researching Professional Learning and Development: Challenges, Applications and Empirical Illustrations (pp. 137-164). Cham: Springer International Publishing. 

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