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Tahnée Engelen



Research interests:

Brain-body interaction

A Bit About Me

I’m a postdoctoral researcher with a background in psychology and cognitive neuroscience, interested in all things brain-body interactions. I completed my PhD at Maastricht University on the topic of emotional body perception, after which I moved to Paris to do my postdoc at the Ecole Normale Supérieure on the topic of interoception. As of 2024 I’m working at Jyväskylä University where I will be diving deeper into how physiological changes, and in particular interoceptive markers, contribute to our affective states and wellbeing. 

Selected publications

Engelen, T., Solcà, M., & Tallon-Baudry, C. (2023). Interoceptive rhythms in the brain. Nature Neuroscience, 26(10), 1670-1684.


Engelen, T., Buot, A., Grèzes, J., & Tallon-Baudry, C. (2023). Whose emotion is it? Perspective matters to understand brain-body interactions in emotions. NeuroImage, 268, 119867.


Engelen, T., & Mennella, R. (2023). Piecing together the puzzle of emotional consciousness. Neuroscience of Consciousness, 2023(1), niad005.

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