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Tiina Parviainen

Associate professor




Research interests:

Developmental cognitive neuroscience 

Neuroimaging markers of cortical plasticity and circuitry dynamics 

The role of body functions on brain and mind

Individually meaningful MEG characteristics


A Bit About Me

I am an associate professor of neuroscience at the Department of Psychology, and a director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Research (CIBR) at the University of Jyväskylä. I did my Ph.D. studies at Aalto University (former Helsinki University of Technology) and received my Ph.D. at the University of Jyväskylä in 2007.


After my Ph.D., I worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Oxford Center for Human Brain Activity, Oxford University. Since 2011, I have been at the University of Jyväskylä, coordinating the establishment of an interdisciplinary neuroscience center and leading the strategic profiling area of 'Brain Development Across the Life Span'.

My research group utilizes MEG, EEG (f)MRI, and physiological recordings to study central and autonomic nervous system phenomena that contribute to individual experience and cognitive performance, especially during development.

Selected publications

Hernández D, Heinilä E, Muotka J, Ruotsalainen I, Lapinkero HM, Syväoja H, Tammelin TH, Parviainen T. Physical activity and aerobic fitness show different associations with brain processes underlying anticipatory selective visuospatial attention in adolescents. Brain Res. 2021 Feb 25;1761:147392.


Ruotsalainen I, Gorbach T, Perkola J, Renvall V, Syväoja H, Tammelin T, Karvanen J, Parviainen T. (2020) Physical activity, aerobic fitness and brain white matter: their role for executive functions in adolescence. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience 42, 100765.

Tian L, Chen H, Zhao W, Wu J, Zhang Q, De A, Leppänen P, Cong F, Parviainen T. (2020). The role of motor system in action-related language comprehension in L1 and L2: An fMRI study. Brain and Language, 201.

Parviainen T, Helenius P, Salmelin R. (2019) Children show hemispheric differences in the basic auditory response properties. Human Brain Mapping.15;40:2699-2710.

Lyyra P, Parviainen T. (2018) Behavioral Inhibition Underlies the Link Between Interoceptive Sensitivity and Anxiety-Related Temperamental Traits. Frontiers in Psychology.21;9:1026.

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